Conference Room Rates

Day groups may reserve a conference room upon booking (the fee is in addition to day fees and meals).

Conference Room Capacity Rate
Shawnee 600 $600.00/day
Delaware 200 $200.00/day
Alabama 160 $160.00/day
Comanche 150 $150.00/day
Omaha 70 $120.00/day
Lakota 40 $80.00/day
Mohegan 30 $70.00/day
Creek 25 $60.00/day
Miami 20 $50.00/day
Mandan 20 $50.00/day
Ottawa 20 $50.00/day

Day Guests

Groups, with advance notice, or individuals that want to enjoy Glenwood Inn & conference Center for the day are welcome.

Register at the office upon arrival for payment and to arrange for any meals desired. The day guest fee allows access to the grounds and recreational amenities, most without additional fees.

Day Guest Rates

Adults: $15.00/day
Children (3-18): $10.00/day

Glenwood Inn & Conference Center
167 Main Street Delaware Water Gap, PA 18327